Csülök Csárda Esztergom

Welcome to the world of Hungarian specialities, the Csülök Csárda of Esztergom! 

Our restaurant is easy to find: it is located in the historic environment of the castle, by the curve at the foot of the Basilica on the corner of Road 11 and Batthyány street. In the cellar of the old house, we await guests with traditional and new specialities of the Hungarian cuisine.

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Menu Samples

Baking dish knuckle»
Knuckle of ham "Baker's wife" style »
Boiled, smoked knuckle»

Csülök Csárda

H-2500 Esztergom, Batthyány u. 9.

Reservation: +36-33/412-420

Fax: +36-33/501-151

E-mail: csulokcsarda@invitel.hu

Opening hours: 12.00- 22.00

Open every day